About Us

UPT PBI that stands for Pengembangan Bahasa Internasional (International Language Development Unit) that is also known as Center for International Language Development (CILAD) was established on May 21, 2010, which coincided with Jumadil Akhir 7, 1431 H. UPT PBI is one of the units at Sultan Agung Islamic University (UNISSULA) which was formed to assist for realizing UNISSULA’s Vision and Mission in particular, and facilitating the entire UNISSULA academic community and the public to improve their mastery of international languages.


In achieving its vision and mission, CILAD applies 3 (three) philosophies of language, namely language as science, language as identity, and language as industry. Language as science means that language functions as an object in developing sciences related to language proficiency.

Language as identity means that language can be used as a marker of CILAD and UNISSULA by internalizing UNISSULA’s unique values, namely the Islamic Academic Culture (BUDAI), which is the identity of various linguistic programs and services at CILAD UNISSULA.

Language as industry means that language can be used as an income generator and profit center as well as an attraction of UNISSULA. These three philosophies become a strong foundation in every program and service development at CILAD UNISSULA to be able to compete in facing the era of disruption by continuing to innovate and create without leaving UNISSULA’s Islamic Academic Culture (BUDAI) values.


In 2022, to become a superior, globally competitive, and technology-based Language Training Specialist   through language and culture based on the three pillars (Tri Dharma) of Higher Education and Islamic values.


Contributing to the development of international language and culture by:

  1. Facilitating the development and mastery of international languages and cultures for the UNISSULA academic community as one of the preparations to be a World Class Islamic University. World Class Islamic University.
  2. Encouraging lecturers to improve their international publication outputs from the international language aspect.
  3. Transforming CILAD into a nationally-recognized language center with quality and global competitiveness, utilizing a variety of technology-based programs and products.
  4. Internalizing Islamic values in various programs and products of CILAD.
  5. Realizing CILAD as an independent language Training Specialist.