Arabic Course

Arabic Course and Training

Arabic holds an important position in international communication. Arabic is used as an official language in more than ten countries, in addition to being one of the official languages of the United Nations. In addition to its role in communication, Arabic is essential to the study of Islamic scholarship. Recognizing the significance of Arabic, CILAD UNISSULA offers a variety of Arabic-learning programs to meet a variety of needs.

  • General Arabic (Basic, Intermediate & Advanced)

In this course, participants will acquire Arabic listening, speaking, reading, writing, and grammatical vocabulary skills. This course consists of three levels (Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced).

Duration: 16 Meetings (@90 Minutes)

  • TOAFL/IMLA/IMMA/IMKA Preparation

This course is designed to facilitate and assist participants in their preparation for the Arabic language proficiency examination (IMLA/ IMMA/ IMKA/ TOAFL, etc.). Participants will learn various strategies and necessary materials for passing the examination.

Duration: 16 Meetings (@90 Minutes)