Exploring Indonesia through Language and Culture

Program Description

Bahasa Indonesia is the official language of the most populous Muslim country and one of the world’s most interesting cultural and economic landscape spoken by over 250 million people living in the archipelago nation of Indonesia. This program offers a great opportunity for foreign nationals to engage and immerse themselves with Indonesian language and culture virtually within a 6 weeks intensive online course. This program is held under the cooperation of the Center for International Language Development and Indonesian Language and Culture Education Department of Sultan Agung Islamic University, Semarang, Central Java Indonesia.

Program’s Objectives

  1. This program is a reasonable platform to build and enlarge international relation & networking
  2. Learning new culture from its natives will help to minimize culture shocks when participants visit Indonesia
  3. Having the ability to speak Indonesian language will help international students when they enroll their degree in Indonesia since most of the lectures are delivered in Indonesian language.

Program Schedule

Online Registration

May 23 – June 23, 2022

Data Verification

June 24 – July 4, 2022

Final Announcement

July 5, 2022

Opening Ceremony

July 11, 2022

Virtual Course

July 13 – August 12, 2022

Closing Ceremony

August 15, 2022

Terms & Requirements

  1. Non-Indonesian citizen
  2. Enrolled as an active student in a Higher Education Institution
  3. Minimum age 18 years
  4. Have good interest in learning Indonesian language and culture
  5. Able to communicate in English (proven by a valid English proficiency certificate) except participants from English speaking countries
  6. Commit to participate in the program until the end
  7. Willing to share the program activities through social media platforms



Monday, Wednesday, and Friday


03.30 – 05.00 p.m. Western Indonesian Time (UTC+7)


Zoom Meetings


16 meetings


Free of charge


E-certificate (will be given to those who attend at least 12 meetings)

International relation & networking

Basic Indonesian language proficiency

Exploration of Indonesian culture and heritage


Please prepare the following documents to be uploaded:

Formal Photo (With Red Background)

Scan of Passport or Student ID Card

Scan of Latest Academic Certificate/Diploma

Scan of Latest Academic Transcript

Latest Curriculum Vitae

Motivation Letter (no less than 250 words)

Fill in the Online Registration Form in the following link:


This course is designed to meet Bahasa Indonesia learners at the basic level of generative language use. It is the point at which the learner can interact in a simple way, ask and answer simple questions about themselves, where they live, people they know, and things they have, initiate and respond to simple statements on very familiar topics.

Language Class



Describing People


Daily Activities


Ordering Food


Transportation and Direction

Shopping and Pricing

Cultural Class

Getting to know Indonesia, A Country with Thousand Islands

Semarang Virtual Tour and History

Indonesian Culinary and Traditional Music

Getting to know Javanese Culture

By the end of this course, participants should be able to understand and use familiar everyday expressions and basic phrases for daily conversation. Aside from that, participants are expected to have a sense of cross-cultural understanding through learning Indonesian culture.

Non-active students are eligible to apply (limited seat) on the following link:


For more information regarding this program, kindly contact us via email: