Korean Course

Korean Course and Training

There are numerous employment opportunities in Korea, and the government’s policy of welcoming foreign workers (especially Indonesians) is an unmissable opportunity. South Korea is also one of the Asian countries with a positive reputation in terms of education. Numerous universities in this nation are ranked among the best in Asia

and the world. Consequently, mastering the Korean language is highly conducive to achieving these objectives.

UPT Pengembangan Bahasa Internasional (CILAD) UNISSULA offers Korean course in order to provide a platform for UNISSULA academics and the public who require specialized Korean language development. In addition to language learning activities, the Korean course also provides cooking classes, culture classes, and craft classes. CILAD UNISSULA, in collaboration with the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA), provides native Korean speakers as facilitators so that participants can gain experience learning Korean from native speakers.

  • General Korean (Basic, Intermediate & Advanced)

This course aims to facilitate participants' general Korean language acquisition. The provided materials consist of letter recognition, pronunciation, grammar, and conversational skills. General Korean is divided into three levels (Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced).

Duration: 16 Meetings (@90 Minutes)

  • Test of Proficiency in Korean (TOPIK) Preparation

This course is designed to facilitate and aid participants in their preparation for the Korean language proficiency examination (TOPIK). The participants will be exposed to a wide range of vocabulary that must be mastered. In addition,participants will learn strategies for effectively completing the TOPIK exam.

Duration: 16 Meetings (@90 Minutes)