UPT PBI (CILAD) UNISSULA provides written translation services that focus on translating Indonesian into English language or vice versa in a professional, reliable, accurate, and fast manner, according to client needs. Clients include all UNISSULA academics and the general public.


  1. Translation services are carried out at any time during working hours (requests that come in outside working hours will be served the next day during working hours).
  2. Clients are required to read and understand the translation terms and conditionsapplied.
  3. The service fee is determined based on the type of document, the type of package and
  4. the choice of the number per page source (standard format) or per word source.

* Working days are Monday to Friday except for holidays

** Maximum number of pages or source words based on the package selected (minimum number of pages is 1 and minimum number of words is 350 words). More than the maximum number of pages will be set in a separate agreement

Below are the examples of each type of document.

Source page criteria (standard format) are set as follows.


The following is the flow of the UPT PBI UNISSULA translation service.

  1. The client reads, understands, and agrees to the terms and conditions of the UPT PBI translation service guide.
  2. The client fills out the translation service form (offline / online) and sends / provides Source Documents.
  3. The client receives a DP calculation form (50% of the total service fee to be paid) and an estimated return time from the clerk.
  4. The client sends proof of down payment (online).
  5. Source Documents are immediately translated if the DP payment has been verified. The document will go through a quality test process after being translated.
  6. The client receives a notification that the document has been translated and is billed for the total cost of the service.
  7. The client pays the shortage bill and sends proof of payment in accordance with the applicable provisions.
  8. As the payment is verified, the translation result document is directly provided/sent to the client.


E-mail           :

Hotline          : 082136110361

Office            : UNISSULA International Language Development Unit, Joint

Lecture Building, 6th Floor